When we think of a crime, we think of the victims and their families. We sympathise with them, their pain and suffering as a result of the crime. When the perpetrators are caught and sent to jail, these victims and their families hopefully get some kind of closure.

The consequences of a crime can be far-reaching, and crime touches the lives of many. Among these are the families of the offenders. These family members – partners, spouses, parents, grandparents, children, brothers, sisters – have done nothing wrong and yet they also experience feelings of despair, loss, isolation, shame, anger and the stigma of being associated with the crime.

All of these problems seem even greater when it is the first time these families come into contact with the Gardaí, the Courts, the Legal System and the Prison System. They are entering a world new to them.
What can prepare someone for this?

Who are we ?

St Nicholas Trust was set up in 2008 in response to the needs of relatives of people sentenced to prison.

Who can we help ?

We offer help and support to anybody affected by imprisonment – in particular the families of prisoners.

What we do

We run a Family Support Group where people can come to talk in a safe, confidential, non-judgmental environment to others who have been through the same experience. For more information call o861768266  /0861768267

What other services can we offer ?

If it is your first time going to the prison for a visit, a member of the group can accompany you and explain the procedure to you. We have produced a booklet called “Visiting Cork Prison” and copies of this are available from the group. Information from this booklet is available on this website.


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