I knew that my husband was coming home about two and a half months before it actually happened. So we, as a family, had time to prepare for his homecoming. When the day approached, and because his case was high profile my constant worry was that the media would invade our privacy again. Having lived with a thin veil of privacy during his incarceration, my stress levels were very high.

During his absence, the loneliness and emptiness was like a “living death”. Keeping my family together during this time was a struggle and an experience of personal growth, strength and faith. Our love for each other never waned because I knew and loved the person and not what he was convicted of. Forgiveness is a grace that is “God given”, because if you cannot forgive you cannot move forward and rebuild your life.

Now that he is home it’s just so wonderful to see him in the kitchen, in the garden and in every aspect of our daily life. Every moment is precious, every hug is a treasure and every smile is a glimmer of hope for all the families who will have to go through this awful ordeal of having a loved one imprisoned.

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