When you arrive at the prison you will see a single story building  (Visitors Waiting Room) by the front gate where you can tell the officer who you have come for a visit.  All visitors must bring a photographic ID to the prison to gain access. You will be given a locker to put your personal belongings and mobile phone in. You can keep the key to this locker until after your visit. You will wait here until you are called for the visit. You will cross the short distance to an electronic door, inside which there is a revolving door. Inside this area you will  have to pass through the Prison Security system. This is similar to an airport type security system, where belongings may be scanned. You will be required to remove your belt and any other objects such as loose change  or watches. These items can be put into a tray and put through the scanner. If the scanner beeps,  sometimes a hand scanner will be used. Many types of shoes set off the scanner as they contain metal in them. Once you are through the scanning device, you will be asked to stand in position while a dog handler with his dog will approach you. If the dog indicates that you have been in contact with or may be carrying any illegal substance, you will be asked to leave the prison without having your visit. If the dog indicates that you cannot be allowed in, this can be an upsetting experience, especially for people who are visiting prison for the first time, and particularly if you have children with you. Unfortunately, you will have to leave and come back another time. It might be a good idea to explain the search procedures to your children in advance and let them know that a dog will be in the security area.

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