If you have children, you will have to decide what you should tell your children. It is probably best to make this decision with your partner who is in prison. Some people decide to tell their children and some decide not to. It depends on many things, such as the age of the children, the length of the sentence the prisoner is serving, the particular personality of the children.. If you decide that you don’t want your children going to the prison, they can still speak with their father on the telephone. They can also keep in touch through letters. It is important for the child to keep in contact in some way, to avoid any feelings of abandonment or loss. If you feel confused about this, you should seek advice. A useful website where this issue is discussed is http://www.prisonersfamilieshelpline.org.ukThey have a leaflet called “My Mum’s in Prison/My Dad’s in Prison” which you can get at the above internet address. They also have other very useful publications.

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