When he arrives in prison, he will be taken directly to the Reception area. His personal details will be taken and he will be photographed and fingerprinted. He will take a shower and be given prison clothes. He can wear his own clothes as soon as he gets the Governor’s permission and his Class Officer will explain the rules about the wearing of prisoner’s own clothes. (The Class Officer is the officer in charge of each prison landing.) His personal belongings are recorded and taken for safe keeping until his release.

His personal details are taken such as height, weight etc and details of his Next of Kin. He will be given a pillowcase, sheets and a duvet cover, toothpaste, soap, a comb, stockings and underwear and any other necessary items. He will also be given a copy of the Prison Rules Booklet. Then he will be taken to the Medical area, where a Nurse or Medical Orderly will see him.  Here he can be asked about any medical or psychological problems and if necessary, his own doctor can be contacted if there are any queries about prescribed medication. After this he will be taken to his cell.

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