No one can see the beauty of his darkened life now

His image has closed like a shadow

When people look at him – he has become the mirror

Of the damage he has done.

But he is yours: and you have different eyes

That hold his yesterdays in pictures no one else can remember.

Waiting for him to be born, not knowing who he would be,

The moments of his childhood, first steps, first words,

Smiles and cries, and all the big thresholds

Of his journey since.

He is yours in a way no words can ever tell

And you can see through the stranger his deed has made him

And still find the countenance of your son.

Despite all the disappointment and shame

May you find in your belonging to him

A kind of place where your spirit will rest.

May new words come alive between you

To build small bridges of understanding.

May the serenity lead you beyond guilt and shame

To find that bright field of the heart

Where he can begin to feel your love.

Until it heals whatever darkness drove him

And he can see what he has done

And seek forgiveness and bring healing.

May this dark door open a path

That brightens constantly with new promise.



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