Three years ago I was the happiest woman alive. My partner and I were expecting our first baby. We were so excited. We discusses how we would raise our baby together… I literally fell off cloud nine when I discovered that my partner had been caught carrying drugs. It was a time of complete devastation. Our beautiful baby was born and my partner was a wonderful father. When she was ten months he started his prison sentence. My world fell apart when he received four years…Now I am alone with our baby. My partner is missing these important years of her life and I am doing my best to maintain her relationship with him. It is very hard and lonely to manage everything alone. I go through periods of being angry with him and feeling sorry for him. He is a good person and I want to keep our family together. I bring the baby to visit him each week. I sometimes feel that people judge me harshly for doing this. But I believe it is important for all of us to maintain our relationships for the sake of the future. The harsh reality is that there are many families in my situation. I believe that the families of offenders can be victims too.

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