After this period we suggested that we could look at bringing in experts in particular areas of concern the had rise to speak on the issue and answer their questions. For the next six month we brought along a speaker of their choice once a month. Speakers included: a child psychologist, a law lecturer, a long service probation officers, citizen’s advice, addiction services, a financial consultant and long-serving teacher from the prison service. These sessions were organized in a lecture format at the beginning followed question and and answer session. They proved to be extremely useful in proved solution to particular queries. Where possible speakers were sourced from agencies where a payment is not required for the service. The group does not have any financial resources. Funds have been acquired for some services trough the governor’s Christmas fund. There is a strong wish within the group to maintain their independence and there is an on-going debate about its future direction. Five of the initial founding members continue to attend almost all the meetings; The other two have moved on when their son/partner was released from prison. However, they maintain contact and seek support when they are faced with difficulties post-release. Four new regular members have joined and there are a number of members who have to travel distance, who attend when they can. Some of the prisoners we helped at the beginning have been transferred to the other prisons but their partners continue to attend the group sessions.

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