St Nicholas Trust seeks to support families of prisoners as a group and as individuals, sharing common interests. We work with families to identify the needs and issues which cause them concern and to implement strategies to address their needs. 

St Nicholas Trust is managed by a voluntary board of management who are assisted by a dedicated team of volunteers. This team includes people who have loved ones that have been imprisoned.  Volunteers assist in the running of the support group, our office and the visitors centre at Cork prison.We aim to work from Community Development principles to facilitate self-development, empowerment and full participation in all decision making processes. We believe that by working this way we can achieve our  aims and objectives.

St Nicholas Trust aims to

” benefit the community through the provision of support and assistance to families of prisoners so that family relationships can be maintained and prevent re-offending.”

Other Objectives:

  • To increase public awareness of the experiences of prisoners’ families
  • To provide practical information to families when a loved one is sentenced to prison
  • To provide a safe, confidential environment where prisoners’ families can openly discuss the issues which affect them.
  • To advocate for the rights of children of prisoners
  • To facilitate positive re-integration in order to avoid further offending
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